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Eric and his energy were through the roof. This training was literally better than several in-person ones I have done in the past. He and his family are so full of friendly welcoming supportive inclusive energy, it made learning a blast. Attention – so focused. Timing – excellent. Explanations – the way he somehow took time for all our questions and got us through the material – wow. I felt mad supported. Also rockstar job on creating the culture of uplifting everyone in our group. I want to take all of my batches’ classes in the future and learn from them. Thank you for loving what you do and doing it so well, Eric & fam!
– Maggie Fukuda

I loved it! It was definitely different than I expected but I do feel like I have a good handle on how to be the instructor I hope to be! 
– Rebeca Revoir

The live training was relevant, effective, and NEVER felt redundant or like a waste of time. Each moment delivered helpful content, build community, and prepared me for the next steps of growing as a UJam instructor.
– Gina Figone

Revolutionizing the Fitness World with Dance Choreography and Community

Welcome to the U-nited and supportive world of U-Jam Fitness! With a dynamic fusion of high-energy dance choreography and fitness, U-Jam is redefining the way people get fit while having a blast. As you navigate through our homepage, you’ll discover the essence of who U-Jam is, who can benefit from this incredible fitness program, and what sets U-Jam Fitness apart from other programs in the industry.

U-Jam Fitness is a groundbreaking fitness movement that was born out of the passion for dance and the desire to make exercise a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our team of talented and highly skilled instructors brings together a diverse range of dance styles, including hip-hop, Latin, reggae, Bollywood, and more, to create a unique and electrifying workout routine. We believe that dance is not only a form of self-expression but also a powerful tool to improve physical fitness and mental well-being.

Our program is designed for people of all ages, fitness levels, and dance abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer looking for a new challenge or a beginner taking your first steps into the world of fitness, U-Jam has something for everyone. Our choreography is carefully crafted to be accessible and engaging, ensuring that participants can easily follow along and experience the joy of dance while getting an incredible workout.

At U-Jam Fitness, we believe that the benefits extend far beyond the physical realm. While our energetic routines help improve cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility, they also serve as a platform for self-expression, stress relief, and building self-confidence. The supportive and inclusive environment we foster allows individuals to break free from their inhibitions, embrace their uniqueness, and unleash their inner dancer. U-Jam Fitness is not just a fitness program; it’s a transformative experience that empowers individuals to discover their true potential.

What truly sets U-Jam Fitness apart from other programs is our commitment to authenticity and cultural appreciation. Our choreography draws inspiration from diverse dance styles and music from around the world, paying homage to their origins and cultural significance. We aim to create a global community of dancers and fitness enthusiasts who come together to celebrate diversity, unity, and the power of movement. U-Jam Fitness is not just about working out; it’s about connecting with others, embracing different cultures, and spreading joy through dance.

Moreover, U-Jam Fitness stands out through our emphasis on creating a supportive and inclusive community. We believe that fitness is more than just the physical aspect; it’s about building relationships and fostering a sense of belonging. Through our live classes, online forums, and social media platforms, we provide a space where participants can connect, share their experiences, and cheer each other on. Our instructors are not just “group fitness instructors;” they are mentors and motivators who inspire individuals to push their boundaries and reach their fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to break a sweat, release stress, or simply have a great time, U-Jam Fitness is the perfect choice for you. Join our global community of dancers and fitness enthusiasts, and let the power of dance transform your life. Step onto the dance floor, feel the rhythm in your body, and embark on an exhilarating journey towards health, happiness, and self-discovery. U-Jam Fitness is where dance and fitness unite to create an experience like no other. Get ready to unleash your inner-urban dancer and revolutionize your fitness routine!

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