get your fitness trainer certification with a fun company that has to combine dance and fitness. We are a groundbreaking Fitness movement that was born out of passion for dance. you’ll see that you’ll get in shape through dance while also getting fit. We have been revolutionizing the Fitness World with dance choreography and community. You’ll see this is a whole different way of getting fit, firm and muscular. you’ll have fun and get in shape while you join our great community. We have fun and we love doing what we do. We also teach others to get their instructor certificate to share the success. We are best kept secret but we are bursting out and changing the fitness world.

Have you thought about getting your fitness trainer certification?. if you have then you’ll come to the right place. you’ll see that it’s easy to gain your certification and you can join the revolution for just a dollar. your first month is just an hour because we know that you’ll love it. you can join the Revolution and become part of the community and teach others to get fit through dance. you’ll see that we have a high energy level that we bring to the table and we encourage everyone around this. If you would like to become an instructor you can join the community and make an impact around you.

We encourage others to get their fitness trainer certification because it is helpful to other people whenever you step up to the plate. get a free workout with us and stay up today on all things with U-Jam. We are changing lives one beat at a time. you can get certified and name your price in the process. you will see that we have fun dancing and getting fit at the same time. become an instructor and join the community while having fun, feeling great and looking great. You can also teach others to do this and you will see that we are making a global impact.

We are more than just a community of dance. You’ll see that we have mentors that are going to make sure that we motivate you and Inspire individuals to push their boundaries. you can reach your fitness goals with us and in a whole new way. The answer is to Fitness and have fun while doing so. step one of the dance floor, feel the rhythm of your body, and Embark in an exhilarating Journey towards health. you can discover happiness and self-discovery whenever you join this movement. We look forward to helping you and getting you in shape.

Have fun getting in shape while dancing your way to becoming fit. One of the ways that you can find out more about us is by going to our We will tell you more about the movement and you can discover how to become certified. You can also give us a call if you have any questions or concerns and speak to a teammate at 408-667-0724. We look forward to hearing from you.

fitness trainer certification| revolutionizing Fitness

We are revolutionizing Fitness with dance and you can get your fitness trainer certification with us. This is something that you can do to help others in your company or your community. you will see that we believe that Fitness is more than just the physical aspect and we are building relationships and fostering a sense of belonging with this Global community. You will see that we have live classes, online forums and social media platforms where we provide a space that participants can connect, share their experiences and share with each other. you will see that we are not just group fitness instructors but we are mentors and motivators.

We will inspire you every step of the way and we encourage you right away to get fitness trainer certification. you will have fun and discover a way to get in shape whenever you reach out to us. You can get ready to Unleash Your Inner Urban Dancer and revolutionize your Fitness routine with us. go to facebook, Instagram or YouTube to learn more about us. you will see that we are going to encourage you and show you a different way to get in shape. become fit, firm and muscular with this revolutionary dance style and new way of getting fit.

We have an amazing fitness trainer certification and you will see that you will be encouraged every step of the way. You can get fit and enjoy doing it whenever you make the commitment to become part of our community and become an instructor. have fun, feel great and look great while dancing your way to fitness. Dancing is our language and unity is our passion. When you join the team you’ll see that you’ll be able to make an impact in your community. Join the Revolution and become a part of our community for just a dollar. we know that you’ll love it so we’re going to make that commitment to give you the opportunity to join for a dollar.

have fun while getting in shape by learning to dance your way to fitness. You will see that we are truly set apart from other programs and our commitment to authenticity and culture appreciation is what makes us different. you’ll see that our choreography draws inspiration from the first dance House of Music from around the world. We are good at paying homage to their Origins and cultural significance. you will have fun while dancing your way to success and you want us to see that you will spread Joy with this process of getting in shape.

experience something different and reach out to send a website You can check us out online to find out more about our movement and what is making us stand out and make a global impact. You can also give us a call if you have any questions or concerns at 408-667-0724. Have fun and get in shape with dance whenever you join our movement

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